Why We Should Trust the Lord

Why We Should Trust the Lord

They say that you can never trust someone unless you know them. After all, why should we trust someone we do not know? It’s the same thing with God; we cannot trust Him unless we know Him. But other than that, why should we trust the Lord?

Reasons for us to trust the Lord

A. We can trust the Lord because He is trustworthy.

The Bible tells us that “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should change His mind…” (Numbers 23:19). Whatever the Lord plans and purposes to do, He can bring it to pass because He is powerful.

Getting to know God by reading His Word and spending time talking to Him will make us trust Him more and more each day. We will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord as we read, study and meditate on His Word. The more we know about God, the more we will trust Him.

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B. We can trust the Lord because He is faithful.

Faithfulness is one of God’s attributes. Even at times when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful and He will never change (Deuteronomy 7:9; 2 Timothy 2:13). We read the story of the nation of Israel on how they repeatedly rebelled and turned away from God. And yet, every time they called on Him to deliver them from the hands of their enemies, God was always there for them.

Why? Because He made a covenant with Abraham that He will make his descendant as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sands on the seashore; God promised to make them a great nation and a blessing (Genesis 12:2-3; Genesis 17:4-7; Genesis 22:17).

God also has a covenant with those who trust in Him. God promises many blessings to us and we can be sure that God will fulfill them because He is faithful. He is faithful to the nation of Israel and He is faithful to His bride, the Church.

Here’s a beautiful song by the Free Believers in Christ Fellowship International (FBCFI) Concert Team entitled “Trust in Me.”  

Trust in Me Lyrics & Chords

Can we trust God in times of trials?

Absolutely! We can and should trust God even when things in our lives and around us do not seem to be going the way we want them to be. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent; there is nothing that is hidden from His sight, nothing that He can’t do.

We all go through some rough times but we find comfort in knowing that God loves us, He cares about us and always has good intentions for us. Let us then “trust the Lord with all our heart, not leaning on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). God wants us to always trust Him in all circumstances.

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Are you having a hard time trusting the Lord? Please do share your life-changing testimony on how the Lord has worked in your life the moment you made the decision to trust Him completely.

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6 Replies to “Why We Should Trust the Lord”

  1. In my personal opinion, having faith on believing God on behalf of respective culture would help you empower yourself and enables you the stronger will just because you believe in God and yourself.

    I would say this creates a guideline and act as mental support for me when I am stuck in a messy situation or struggle. I often pray and talk to myself to complete stuff I imagine that are impossible to execute. Yet I will succeed.

    1. Hey there, thanks for taking the time to read the article.

      I get your point when you said that believing in God kind’a empower you to achieve your goals. However, I think we have to distinguish between simply believing and completely trusting God.

      When we say we trust the Lord, we mean that no matter the circumstance, we can actually sit back and just wait upon the Lord because we are confident that He will take care of the situation.

      Of course, we also need to take action after consulting with the Lord. But over all, it’s the Lord who will work things out on out behalf.

      Keep the faith and maintain a prayerful life. God bless you!

  2. Dear Alice,

    I am blessed by your article. There could never be a better “trustee” than our God almighty who is actually the owner of everything, including you and me (Psalm 24:1).

    To really trust God they say, is to “transfer ownership” of our lives to God and that means to sit back on the passenger seat and let Him do the steering and cruising. With Him on our side, we can live life at its fullest, knowing that whatever it takes, He will never give up on us and He will see us through.

    God bless you more!

    1. I like how you put it brother Jess, giving God the driver’s seat and be the passenger. As Carrie Undwerwood says in her song, “Jesus take the wheels, take it from my hands, I can’t do this on my own …”

      But often times it’s easier said than done, coz when we’re faced with some impossible situations, we can’t help but get our hands on it. Instead of trusting God and letting Him take full control, we tend to do things our way first and just hand the situation over to God upon realizing that we can’t solve it.

      May we learn to trust God more and go to Him first before anything or anyone else because in Him nothing is impossible. Thanks for weighing in shalom!

  3. This lifetime is so short, we should trust that it will go smoothly. We won’t be free from pain or suffering, but there may be essential life lessons to learn along the way. This life is very short. I don’t worship, but I do trust the Lord.

    1. Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for dropping by. I certainly agree that life is too short and that we won’t be free from pain and suffering. But thank God for always being there for us. Life may not always be smooth-sailing but with God on our side, we are safe and secure. God may allow us to go through some tough times but He will also be there to help us every step of the way.

      We can trust the Lord with our life, our family and loved ones and our future. We may not know what the future holds but knowing that God is already there, we can be confident of the outcome.

      God bless!

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