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We All Have A Choice

We All Have A Choice

The argument that human beings do not have free will since God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient is false. God created us out of love, hence He has given each of us the freedom to either love Him back or not.

In this short Bible reflection and challenge, I want to encourage you to keep safeguarding your freedom of choice.

Bible Verse: Psalm 119:108a

“Accept, I pray, the freewill offerings of my mouth, O LORD.”

David presented these words to the Lord as if they were a sacrifice brought to the altar. The psalmist knew that he had the opportunity to give offerings that were right and pure and requested God to accept them. These freewill offerings are meant to show David’s love and devotion to the Lord.

In the same way, when we present our sacrifices to Lord, we do so freely. God will never force anyone to violate the freedom of choice He has given them. It’s all about choice!

Our God-given Freedom of Choice

God has given all of us a choice. Don’t let people take that free will away no matter what.

Today, so many people are trying to take it away from you like Dr. Fauci and the government. Then there’s the CCP, hospitals, doctors, pastors, parents, who are guilty of trying to take our free will away from us.

Just because they want us to act a certain way does not mean it is right or we are required to do it. God gave us free will so that we had the option to love Him. We cannot be made to love. Coerced love is appeasement. Actions might have consequences, but these should never remove the right to make choices.

God never forces anyone to come to heaven. Instead, He allows anyone to reject Him and walk right into hell.

Government Control

God does not take our free will away from us, but people do. The CCP is trying to control the world with a virus and fear. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are trying to control us. They do this with their money, experience, supposed wisdom, degrees, and supposed science even though they enabled the CCP.

Dr. Fauci Questioned by the Senate

The same is true of governments and media by repeating Dr. Fauci’s narrative. We have seen how many times he flip-flopped on issues with regard to the Covid-19 virus. How many times have we caught this unelected official lying?

For goodness’ sake, he even lied to congress. Yet, there seems to be no accountability at all! I don’t mean to sound so political but we all need to wake up. Or else, one day, we won’t recognize the America we used to know and grew up in.

Church Leadership Control

Unfortunately, it’s not only the government that is doing this is to. Many people who self-identify as Christians are doing the same thing. Pastors try to remove our free will by rules for salvation and sanctification. Even though personal standards are just that personal and should not be regulated by an organized local body.

Sometimes parents are the worst because many times they think their rules are always right and are not allowed to be questioned. That is not biblical.

Standards can change and can be different for different people as Romans 14:5 says. God hates this attitude of control, manipulation, and coercion. May we love as Christ loves us. He died to save us while we were still sinners as Romans 5:8 says.

Final Thoughts

The Bible exhorts us to respect the government authorities and submit to them (Romans 13:1). However, when our God-given freedom of choice is in jeopardy, we need to push back. We are in the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic and we still keep allowing abusive government officials to control us. Why?

If you’ve been following what’s going on in Australia and Canada, you know that people are waking up. They have had enough of these unconstitutional vaccination and mask mandates. We need to act before it’s too late.

Here’s a short video and report of the Truckers’ protest against mandatory vaccination in Canada.

As many brave patriots keep on saying, “Our freedom of choice is from God, not the government. Therefore, we should not let them take away from us. We must also stop begging them to give it back to us.”

The bottom line is this: if our Creator who gave our freedom to us never intends to take it back, what right does the government have to do that?