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How to Resist Satan’s Temptations (Part 1)

How to Resist Satan’s Temptations (Part 1)

One of the many challenges Christians face today is resisting temptations. Some say it’s easier said than done. Thus, many are still struggling to overcome the temptations that come their way.

In this post, I would like to share some guidelines on how to resist Satan’s temptations from a young adult’s perspective.

Salute to the Graduates!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the graduating Class of 2022. You have persevered and made the most of yet another challenging school year in the pandemic-stricken world we live in.

Let us then get ready to transition to the dreaded process of choosing a college that fits our future goals.

It is worth noting that parents and educators teach their young adult children to acquire consumer and business-related skills. Why? So it will serve them in the realm of job searching and money-making.

But parents should also want their children to volunteer in Christian youth ministries. This includes service projects in community organizations that help the poor, underserved, and disadvantaged.

Yet, as beautiful as these objectives are, far too many Christian parents fail. This is because they fail to equip their children with the essential spiritual and practical principles against Satan’s attacks.

Many children do not stand a chance against Satan if they are not aware of the weapon he uses to lure them – temptation.

No temptation will overcome you

Reflecting On My Junior High

Over the past three years, many juniors and seniors (now high school graduates) told me that the hardest point in their high school career was surviving 11th grade. Sometimes, I would find myself asking, “Why not 12th grade? This is where you start writing college-level papers that exceed five pages.”

Surely, there was the SAT, thinking about college, and working on my daily living skills as a blind student. This is on top of being off sick and scrambling through a four-paper research paper I had to make up.

However, I would argue that one of the main challenges every teen had to overcome in their third year of high school was the temptation to ignore temptation.

School Campus Evangelism

As I passionately carried out my duties as Vice President of one of few student-led clubs for people of faith, I had to grapple with the daunting task of preaching against sin and Satan. Not to mention that I do this in a climate where bad behavior was excused as a “mental health” issue. While in reality, most of the time was a sin issue or covid fatigue.

On large and diverse campuses, teenagers do not only possess different faiths. But they are also enticed to do daring online challenges with an immoral foundation. We have ditched the traditional methods of discipline and replaced them with empty threats and grade-school-style consequences.

Half of my class is stuck in detention while many seniors resort to foolish pranks. They do this out of desperation for immediate gratification and attention. Amidst all these, the last thing they want is someone telling them about sin and a dark realm that cannot be ignored.

Purpose and End-Goal

Since I graduated from middle school, I have continually remained committed to my calling. And that is to encourage fellow brothers and sisters to shine the light of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. Also, to educate others and give insight into the battle that is raging in the physical and spiritual realm.

Before entering a college campus, every young Christian must acquire a solid, biblical understanding of who Satan is. Young believers who understand the inevitability of temptation are less likely to abandon their faith.

In this presentation, I will establish some key biblical principles for young adults. My objective is to help them recognize, resist, and conquer sinful urges. These guidelines will equip them to actively engage in the fight against Satan with courage and confidence.

Youth Campus for Christ

What Is Temptation?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines temptation as one that is characterized by “the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.”

From a Biblical perspective, a temptation is simply any event, object, or pattern that is designed to lure one to sin (or disobey God). It is used by Satan to distract one from spiritual growth – “Taking the easy route.”

The most common example we see is Jesus and His three temptations.

Where Temptation Comes From

Temptation does not originate from God. God, being perfectly holy by nature, cannot tempt man to sin. Yet, many accuse Him of doing so when going through painful experiences that came as a consequence of their idiocy.

Also, temptation has a horizontal and vertical source.

Physical sources include people, places, events, and trends. Even environmental conditions can be an accomplice to certain temptations.

For example, a man who struggles with drunkenness may be tempted to get drunk on Friday nights. Why? This is a result of him attending nightclubs with his girlfriend, who encourages him to consume alcohol excessively.

On the spiritual side, the main source of temptation is Satan, also referred to as “the tempter” (Matthew 4:3).

Firefighters Building on Fire
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Firefighting

Fighting A Fire: An Analogy

You may remember back in school when you had to regularly do practice fire drills throughout the year.

Whenever the fire alarm goes off, it should be taken very seriously. No one is allowed to take anything with them and must evacuate using the school’s emergency escape plan. The purpose of a fire drill is to practice the necessary procedures in the event your house is caught on fire.

This is the same way with temptation. The trick with spiritual warfare is that you need to run and resist. You need to get out of a burning building and extinguish the fire without getting burned or fanning the flames.

Although some fires can be put out with foam or a fire extinguisher, larger fires must be left to the fire department. They have the equipment needed to douse the flames while protecting themselves from debris.

You see, fighting Satan is like fighting a five-alarm fire. Fighting in your own human strength is like using foam to douse the flames. Let God assist you as you resist temptation. We cannot defeat Satan on our own. Satan is a very powerful and clever spirit. He studies our weaknesses and sets various traps. You will easily fall into these traps if you are not anchored on Christ.

And remember, never return to a burning building. In other words, don’t willfully put yourself in a situation where you know that you will reach the danger zone. Satan will have you turning 2°, taking baby steps, toying with sin. He does this until eventually, you are sidetracked and make a full 180-degree turn back to sin.

This is why many will backslide. You must resist, and don’t turn back! 

Learning from Adam and Eve

In Genesis 3:1-19, we see three C’s that characterize Satan.


Satan will appear to us as an angel of light. In other words, he disguises himself as a saint. See also 2 Corinthians 11:14.


Temptation is never original or “obvious” as humanity perceives. It would be easy for us to detect a lie if we were convinced that the sky is green.

The key for Satan to successfully entice us to sin is deception. He makes sin look and sound so good and beautiful to the point that we become blind. Thus, we fail to see the ugly consequences and reality of sin.

A common example we saw this school year is the temptation to seek approval by doing what we know as morally wrong. And then we post it on TikTok for everyone else to see. Temptation entices us to please men, ultimately searing our conscience with the spirit of cowardice and moral laziness.


Masqueraded in cunningness and craftiness is the attitude of cruelty. Satan will never play nice, especially when we accept Christ and go through the lifelong process of transformation. If he can’t bring us back to our former sin-stricken lifestyle, he will bring back memories of our dark past.

That, in itself, is another form of temptation. But we do not recognize it until we find ourselves falling back to the old sinful habit.

Temptations Come From Satan, the Devil

Some Short Things to Note

God specifically told our first parents not to eat of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They could eat from every other tree. However, there was this one specific tree they were banned from eating and touching.

What did Satan do? He questioned God and the first parents by convincing them that they can’t eat from any tree. Satan twisted God’s instructions written in Genesis 2:16-17.

The serpent (devil) lied to them. He convinced them that they would receive a special revelation and know good from evil. Furthermore, he said that they would become like God. Needless to say, this is what Satan originally wanted in his rebellion (Isaiah 14:14).

The first parents disobeyed God, followed Satan, and ate of that tree. As a result, they both perished, and the world was cursed with the punishment of their sin.


To be continued in the next post …


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