NO BETTER PLACE (Words & Music by Ptr. Ruel Buyacao)

NO BETTER PLACE (Words & Music by Ptr. Ruel Buyacao)

Someone once said that if you want to know what heaven is like, think of the most beautiful and most peaceful place on earth, multiply that a thousand or hundred thousand times and you get a glimpse of heaven. Well, no matter how beautiful that place is, it surely cannot compare to what heaven has to offer.

Here’s a song that expresses how much one longs to be in the presence of the Lord. You may want to sing it to the Lord, and sing it from your heart.

No Better Place Lyrics and Chords

2 Replies to “NO BETTER PLACE (Words & Music by Ptr. Ruel Buyacao)”

    1. Hi Diego, thanks for pointing out the error in the chords. The song book I copied from also has the same error and I did not double check it before converting it to PDF and uploading it. By the way, did you mean the last word of the chorus wherein I put an “A” instead of “E?”

      Thank you again, shalom and God bless!

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