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How to Resist Satan’s Temptations (Part 2)

How to Resist Satan’s Temptations (Part 2)

In last week’s post, I shared some important things about temptations. These include the definition and sources of temptation, and the lessons we can learn from Adam and Eve’s experience. How can Christians resist Satan’s temptations and overcome the human urge to sin? 

Here’s the continuation and conclusion of the post.  

The Four R’s of Temptation

The trick to resisting temptation does not only come from resisting the urge to sin. It also involves replacing the temptation with something pleasant and Christlike.

I call this principle the four r’s of resisting temptation: recognize, remember Scripture, resist, and remain vigilant.

1. Recognize the Temptation

What is the trigger for the temptation? Are there set times for such sinful behavior? What environment creates the sudden urge to do evil?

If you are currently in that environment, what do you notice? Mentally note or reflect on recurring sounds, tastes, textures, or other appealing senses or circumstances.

1 John 2:16, NKJV

Forms of Appeal

Temptations come in different forms of appeal.

  • Visual: lust of the eyes
  • Auditory or Reflective: sounds, or the inappropriate use of Scriptures
  • Gimmicks: comforting lies, such as “you won’t get in trouble.”
  • Anticipation: pride of life
  • Other sensory cues: lust of the flesh

Adam and Eve

The couple failed to recognize that the desire to eat the fruit was a real temptation. The couple had not experienced sin beforehand. However, they knew they were banned from eating the tree of knowledge.

They gave in to temptation because they failed to recognize the sensory lures that would entice them to sin. Having seen this weakness, Satan used the glamor and tasty aspect of the fruit. This made it enticing to the couple at the expense of introducing sin to mankind.

Modern Example

Your parents forbid you from going to the sleepover your friend invited you to attend this Saturday. Your friend consistently sends you text messages throughout the week asking you to go to the event.

Should you decide to disobey your parents and attend the sleepover anyway, you would be grounded for two weeks. The event features underage drinking, which would possibly land you in prison with a felony conviction on your permanent record.

These text messages are a visual lure used by Satan to convince you that it is not a bad idea to sneak out and go. It’s because your mom “won’t know that you went.” Or “your mom is just a boring boomer who does not want you to have fun.”

2. Remember Scripture

Remember what God says in His Word. Never underestimate the power of not only knowing but remembering what God said. The best weapon against the tempter is the Word of God. Jesus exemplified this when the Devil tempted Him in the wilderness.

By the way, context matters too! Do not forget that even the enemy knows the Scriptures and he often uses them to deceive God’s people.

Please see part 3 below for more details.

3. Resist

There are three questions to consider during this step.

First, what does GOD want?

This is where understanding Scripture comes in very handy. Remember, God’s Word is 100% truth, and cannot be sugar-coated or changed. This means, that whatever is written goes, regardless of the circumstances. The truth will always see you free from every negative influence and consequence in your life.

Be forewarned though. Even Satan knows Scripture as well and can use that knowledge against you as a means for temptation. This often comes in the form of taking certain passages out of context or omitting words that seem inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Do not let your guard down. Always be vigilant and actively study and meditate on the Word and its underlying messages: both for meaning, and application.

James 4:7, NKJV

Secondly, what does Satan want?

I know many of us may believe that sin is closely related to our flesh and Satan’s influence on the human race. However, we often try to separate these two things, or we may place blame on one thing instead of the other. I believe that the sinful flesh and Satan work in tandem, although each is separate.

Consider the temptation of Adam and Eve. Your sinful nature (aka your flesh) will most likely align with Satan and his false promises. These idle promises are cleverly designed for you to fall back into the pit of habitual sin. Being naughty tastes so good, as long as we get what we want.

Refuting “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Let me assure you. Although the sinful flesh and Satan work in tandem, we must distinguish the fact that we choose to sin.

Yes, Satan will tempt us with things that will appeal to our flesh. But, the challenge is left up to us. What we (or our flesh) want for ourselves may seem good for a season, but will ultimately lead to destruction.

Think of this as taking ten bags of candy, and eating those every day. It tastes good, but you do not want to hear that these would give you cavities in the future.

As Howard John Wesley best explained in a recent sermon, Satan will offer you things in this life that are so sweet and glamorous. He then cuts off the price tag so that you will take the bait, even if it means doing ungodly things.

What Will You Choose?

Third question: What do you desire?

In other words, which way will you choose? What will you say yes to? Those who are under the Holy Spirit’s guidance can make that choice. We can either choose God’s will and way of escape, or our own sinful desires (what Satan wants).

Jesus always provides a way to escape temptation. But it is ultimately our responsibility whether or not we take the escape route. Even if it means going through a period of discomfort. Or getting rid of old friends that you used to spend time with when you used to break curfew.

Seniors, this is a harsh reality that you will have to face in college.

The Sleepover: A Practical Application

Now, back to our modern-day example.

We know from Scripture that parents are called to be an earthly model of the authority of God as their Heavenly Father. This is through their decisions, their character, and their method of discipline.

The Fifth Commandment instructs us to honor our father and mother, so that we may live a long, prosperous life.

Ephesians 6:2-3, NKJV

In the example above, Satan would want you to disobey this commandment. He wants you to deliberately disobey the order to not go to the sleepover, since it would potentially involve drinking underage. The price that Satan doesn’t want you to know about is that you would get grounded for two weeks.

You could also go to jail for drinking under the legal minimum age (21). As a result, you would ultimately sin against your parents, local authorities, and God.

4. Remain Vigilant

Be forewarned that this may not be the last temptation you will endure on this earth. Until you are dead, or when Jesus returns, you will endure temptation.

Again, Satan will not play fair. Always be on the lookout, because an empty void could be a recipe for either godliness or a recipe for disaster.

Closing Prayer

Father, Promise-Keeper, You promised that You will provide a way out of temptation so that I can endure it. Help me escape from the evil one, who will tempt and defile me. Lead me not into temptation, Father.

Deliver me from the evil one. The Holy Spirit indwells within me, Father, and my will is aligned with Yours. Please help me stand firm on the day of temptation. And always remind me that I am not the same person I was before. Keep me from walking in the flesh and its accompanying desires. Instead, help me walk by Your Spirit.

I pray by the name of the One who is with me always.


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